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In the Kodiak medical bay, Amelia is visiting Vera, and recounting the stories Zik told her during their flight. She’s never lived anywhere but the desert prison planet, so his description of living on an island was especially exotic for her!

When Amelia mentions that Zik’s father is a pineapple farmer, Vera leans back, remembering her youth before Queen Elcyra. She hasn’t tasted pineapple in decades!

Amelia excitedly tells her that there are some pineapples in the galley. She runs out to get some, promising to continue with another of Zik’s stories.

Vera chuckles to herself, amused at how Amelia is totally unaware that she’s glowing.

WELCOME TO EPISODE 3! Brawl In The Void is going to be an intense episode, so strap yourselves in!

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