A New Race

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Imagine being the first person to encounter an alien race! What would your first thought be? Well, Zik’s first thought is to settle a bet between him and his best buddy James Anchor.


The character “James Anchor” was invented by my son, and the name of Zik’s computer, “Zoot” was my daughter’s invention. I’m not trying to steal Ethan Nicolle’s gig with Axe Cop, but occasionally my two children have had an influence on some of the names and events in this story. Children are wonderfully imaginative, and once in a while they come up with some genius ideas. I’ve gotten their permission to use some of their ideas in the comic, for which I am grateful.

Also, this page represents the first time Zozians have ever contacted someone not from Zoz. With all the space travelling they do, Zik and his buddy James Anchor have a running bet to see which of them will encounter aliens first! It’s been years, but neither has laid claim to the prize yet! But as of this moment, after over a millennium of separation even from other humans, the people of Zoz are no longer alone!

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