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Space Is My Home

Posted by Victor on .

As they travel back to Zoz, Zik wraps up the story of how he met his ex-girlfriend Haven. Amelia is curious though: why is Zik no longer dating Haven if they got along so well? Zik explains that it’s because he and Haven live in different worlds; she spends her time under the waves researching, he feels more at home travelling the stars. Their day-to-day experiences couldn’t be more different!

Amelia tells Zik not to worry. He’ll find someone who shares his love of flying! Hm, I wonder if that reminds us of anyone?

So ends the third and final part of Forging The Defender! It was fun spending a bit of time on Zoz, and exploring the Zozian civilization a bit. I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane! We’ve got a bit of an epilogue coming up next, and then the gripping action of- well, no spoilers!