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Plucked From Doom

Posted by Victor on .

Weakened by the barrage of grenades and the trembling of the avalanche at the crater’s rim, a giant chunk of the crater’s central peak is splitting away – and the unlucky Lia is sitting right on top of it! As the slabs of rock peel away, she tumbles down with it, screaming.

Defender Zik leaps into action! With his EVR jets at max power, he dives forward into the falling rubble. Reaching out, he plucks Lia from a rocky doom and swoops her away from danger! The Gallant Defender of Zoz saves the day!

Hang Time

Posted by Victor on .

Whew! That was quick thinking by Zik! Good thing he’s got that emergency grappling hook! It certainly comes in handy! And nothing breaks the tension like a near-death experience. If you can’t laugh at that, you can’t laugh at anything!

As If He Caught It

Posted by Victor on .

Okay, so apparently the Zernab Clonoid soldiers don’t feel pain. I guess we’ll have to keep that in mind for next time, eh Zik? If you survive, that is…


Zernabian Clonoids are engineered to not feel pain, and also to not have the will to do anything other than what they are commanded to do. They’re considered sub-sentient, because they can’t form individual preferences. When not directly tasked, they have a decision list of over-arching commands they can apply to their current situation. Over time, this has been refined by Queen Elcyra to the point where her will is imposed without the need for constant direct input. This, combined with the nigh-immortality Elcyra has achieved, cause many to believe she is a transhuman, though not an enlightened one.