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Counter Moves

Posted by Victor on .

Teams of Jairian raiders are moving through the Kodiak, seeking to take it over! One pair, moving forward, stumbles into the hangar where they find a huge column containing the machinery for the forward howitzer. They decide that in order to protect their comrades outside the ship, they should disable the huge cannon by smashing it until it stops firing!

They never suspect that Seamus and Jason have fixed blades to their tonfas, and are sneaking up behind them…

Nearby, one level down, another pair of the attacking space commies have found a barracks. They decide to see who they might catch asleep and unaware, and enter. But it’s a barracks for the Chadee crewmembers, some of whom are inside, gearing up to repel the invaders! Their blood lust aroused, the Chadee dispatch the unlucky Jairians in seconds…

The Chadee

Posted by Victor on .

James Anchor is addressing his crew, but who is this mysterious Tanaka? And who or what are the Chadee? Are they mighty warriors? Maybe James has a secret weapon in case Queen Elcyra decides to attack! Stay tuned, faithful readers, because there’s a lot of excitement and action coming this year!