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Happy Landings

Posted by Victor on .

Acting fast, Defender Zik helps the amazed young boy out of the burning skycar and swoops back up to the shuttle! He hands the kid to Ryan and promises to head back over to get the kid’s mother. After zooming back, he repeats the process with the lady and hauls her out of the careening vehicle in the nick of time! As they scream into the sky, the skycar smashes into the jungle with a mighty explosion.

Everyone lands on a nearby beach, and the young boy runs out to meet his mother. Crisis averted!

Death Spiral

Posted by Victor on .

Zik continues the story of the giant spinning asteroid! As he and Ramesh arrive, they see that it’s rotating very quickly, making the asteroid much more difficult to land on. Ramesh tries to match the spin speed with his ship, but even hurtling around it at top speed isn’t enough, and he crashes in front of Zik’s eyes!

Your favorite space hero tries a different tactic; he will try to land at the pole, where the speed of rotation is so great! By rotating his ship, he hopes to achieve a gentle touchdown on a very difficult target. Will he make it? Stay tuned!