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Cargo Hold Consternation

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A few hours later, the Temerity is screaming through space, heading back to Zoz. The injured are being looked after in the infirmary, and Defender Zik has gotten his suit cleaned up. He and Amelia are looking for Mikigaazo, to see how he feels about the Mikibot platform’s first real-world test. Despite the bot platform getting its head blown off, it still seems to have performed well, but Miki has the final say.

After looking throughout the ship, Amelia and Zik find Miki in the cargo hold.  He’s crouched on the ground next to the two body bags containing the bodies of the ZEMM pilots who were killed by Morren. Zik calls out in a friendly way, but it’s quickly evident that Miki is having a hard time with something.  Miki is trying to understand why he can no longer feel any energy from the two bodies in front of him.

Zik and Amelia explain that the two unfortunate souls have died. This is a new concept for Miki, who becomes alarmed at the prospect that every human will die eventually. Unwilling to fully accept being apart from his friends as an inevitability, Miki asks if a part of himself can remain with each of them all the time, so that he can absorb their energy and always remember it.

Honored to receive such a gift, the human pair agrees, although Zik advises Miki to be cautious about who he gives this gift to. Not all humans are worthy of such trust, and Miki agrees that the Jairians they encountered felt very different.  He could sense the darkness in their hearts, and comments that each human is quite unique, something alien to this creature who can divide and recombine itself.

Amelia gives Miki a little hug and assures him she loves him. Miki comments that love is the best emotion he can sense from a human, and reciprocates the feeling.

And that’s a wrap, Defenders! We’ve come to the end of Episode 6: Apodian Ambush! I have some preparations to make before beginning Episode 7, including finding a new web host for the site. But keep an eye out, Zik fans, because The War Party will be coming at you soon!

Last Second Hero

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Defender Zik is now atop the central peak of the crater, desperately trying to reach his employees who have been taken hostage by the evil Jairian Morren. But he’s exposed, and Morren sends a full barrage of exploding shells raining on the peak.

It’s clear that the Jairian isn’t trying to preserve the hostages lives, so one of the remaining two reaches out to the other to get them both under cover. Lia gets up and follows, but Morren spots them! Try as they may, they’re not going to make it to cover, so Lia’s brave companion throws her ahead and takes the brunt of the blast!

Furious, Zik launches himself toward Morren, sending a hail of bullets at the foul villain!

Time’s Up

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The evil Morren informs Defender Zik that his five minute grace period is over. That means one of the hostages has to go. As he climbs, Zik warns Morren one last time to cease his aggression, but to no avail! Morren pulls the trigger, spelling doom for one of the poor hostages! Zik abandons caution and engages his jetpack, but it’s too late! One of his employees is obliterated!

Heads Blown Off

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As Mikigaazo rushes out of hiding to try and rescue the hostages, the nearest Jairian takes the easy head shot right away.  Defender Zik and Dakaasin watch in horror as Miki’s head explodes in a shower of sparks. But Zik remembers that this is just a mech frame for the crystals inside, and calls out to see if Miki is okay.

Sure enough, the crystal pod located in the torso of the Mikibot platform is unharmed, and Miki is able to get back up, reassuring the humans looking on.

This apparent resurrection comes as a complete shock to the Jairian watching through his scope! He jumps up in surprise at his now headless yet animate target.  Unfortunately for this Jairian, Trent Quickdraw was watching him through his own sniper rifle’s scope, waiting for just such an opportunity! And unlike the crystalline Mikigaazo, head shots on humans are fatal!

Embrace Eternity

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With a blinding flash, the singularity is established in the infernal machine! As Defender Zik, Tanaka and Misha look on in horror, Dr. Wagner celebrates his achievement. Shoving Zik aside, Wagner sprints for the black hole, encouraging the others to jump in and experience the entire future of the universe in one leap of faith!

Wagner disappears into the singularity, and Zik begins to float towards it! Can he escape?!

Cancelled Celebrations

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It’s been almost a week since the massive space battle between the Kodiak and the Jairian fleet. All the humans aboard the Kodiak are in quarantine, to make sure the thousand-year immunity gap between the Zernabians and the general population on Zoz doesn’t start a plague. The Kodiak itself is undergoing an evaluation by the insurance company, and it doesn’t look good. However, James Anchor and Zik are already presenting plans for a planetary defense force for their home world to investors.

The Zozians themselves are astounded that they have managed to make first contact with other humans after so long, but there’s a great sense of foreboding at how badly it went. Some have criticized Defender Zik for his handling of the situation, prompting him to release all his video recordings of the events of the past few weeks. Vera has done her best to relay what she knows of galactic history to the people of Zoz, but since she was imprisoned as a little girl, she doesn’t know a whole lot.

While the humans deal with all this, Tanaka and his Chadee clan are on some much-deserved shore leave. There is no danger of them carrying any of the Zernabian diseases, so they have been released from quarantine and are looking for some fun. But before they can start, they have to find a place large enough to house a rowdy clan of Chadee, something not every pub is able to handle. Fortunately, after some searching, they have found the Sendlinger Hill Pub in Port Rothbard, a German Oktoberfest themed bar. The bartender assures Tanaka they can handle his clan, and he opens the door to invite them in when…


Explosive Decompression

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Trent Quickdraw has lived up to his name! As he fires on the Jairian breacher ship attached to the Kodiak, there’s a huge explosion! Defender Zik and Morren, in the galley right next to the breacher, are blown off their feet!

Worse still, that breacher was the only thing plugging the hole in the Kodiak’s hull that it made when it attached itself! Zik and Morren are quickly blown into space, and both of them forget their battle in a desperate scramble to fix their face masks.

Inside, at the doorway of the galley, Amelia grabs on for dear life as the air swoops out of the giant hole in the hull!

Counter Moves

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Teams of Jairian raiders are moving through the Kodiak, seeking to take it over! One pair, moving forward, stumbles into the hangar where they find a huge column containing the machinery for the forward howitzer. They decide that in order to protect their comrades outside the ship, they should disable the huge cannon by smashing it until it stops firing!

They never suspect that Seamus and Jason have fixed blades to their tonfas, and are sneaking up behind them…

Nearby, one level down, another pair of the attacking space commies have found a barracks. They decide to see who they might catch asleep and unaware, and enter. But it’s a barracks for the Chadee crewmembers, some of whom are inside, gearing up to repel the invaders! Their blood lust aroused, the Chadee dispatch the unlucky Jairians in seconds…

Decapitation Strike

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Tanaka leaps from the bridge tower of the Kodiak and glides silently towards his prey.  The unsuspecting Jairian is so busy sabotaging the cannon that he has no idea his fate is at hand!


Christmas Tree

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Captain James Anchor gives the order to repel the Jairian boarders! He asks Riichi, Emma and Jason to arm themselves with tonfas and to follow him into the maintenance shafts. They will split up and defend their ship from the invaders.

Trent is astonished that they’re arming themselves with mere sticks. He offers to loan them his guns, but James Anchor informs him that on spaceships, no one fights with guns.  There are too many important things all around you that can be damaged in a firefight! If you miss, or if the bullet passes through its target, you can easily damage something in a way that can kill you.

Before leaving the bridge, Captain Anchor makes one last preparation and announces it to the crew: The Christmas Tree is lit! The Jairians are understandably confused at that. But no matter, they’re right under the bridge tower! An eager Jairian grabs the ladder to begin the bridge assault – only to electrocute himself!

It turns out that the “Christmas Tree” is actually the ladder to the bridge, and it has been electrified! The Jairians quickly adapt to their new circumstances. If you can’t take over the command center of a ship, take over engineering! From there, you can override any propulsion commands, as well as disable the life support for the bridge crew! The lead Jairian instructs his team: some will head aft to engineering, some will head forward to disable the second howitzer. One of them, a “screwup,” is told to stay behind and guard the intersection, something he’s not happy about!