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Defender Zik wraps up his first story about how he became so well known on his home planet of Zoz! With all the preparations complete, he launches his escape pod and leaves the asteroid behind. It’s all in the hands of fate, now!

He lands the pod in the middle of Zoz’s largest ocean, the Mirabilic, close to where the asteroid will be passing by.  Sure enough, as he emerges from the escape hatch, the asteroid streaks by overhead, exploding with a giant sonic boom!

Amelia is pretty impressed with the tale. No wonder Zik became so famous! Few people have ever saved an entire planet before. Zik tells her that this wasn’t the first time he made headlines on Zoz. What will be the next tale?

Escape Pod

Posted by Victor on .

Everyone’s favorite space hero is under the gun! The spinning asteroid is starting to close in on Zoz, and the asteroid hasn’t changed course enough!

In a list ditch effort to save his home world, Zik reroutes all remaining power to his mining ship’s engines and sets them on a controlled overload. He’s hoping the power will ramp up to critical levels right before it reaches the atmosphere. If all goes according to plan, the ship will explode and hopefully break off enough of the asteroid that the remainder will burn up in the atmosphere. It’s a risky move, but it’s all he has left!

As the planet looms closer and closer, Zik launches the escape pod with himself and Ramesh. He’s fone all he can – let’s hope it’s enough!