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Time To Fly

Posted by Victor on .

Defender Zik checks on Trent as they recover from nearly getting crushed by the meteorite debris.  Trent thanks Zik, who assures them they’re now even when it comes to cliff-related mishaps.

A worried Amelia checks in on them, and urges them to get on board the Temerity as quickly as possible, as more meteorites are falling nearby!  Sten and Dakaasin call them into the top hatch, since the cargo hold is now too full to get on board that way.

Once on board, Zik lets Amelia know they’re ready to go! Dak and Sten hustle off to get the engines calibrated to compensate for the huge additional mass they’ve taken aboard. Amelia tells everyone to hold on, and gunning the engines, she launches the Temerity off planet Hypnos!

Flying Is Awesome

Posted by Victor on .

Look out, universe! Amelia is behind the wheel of Zik’s ship and she’s having a blast! Flying is awesome!

In the distance, the Kodiak also makes its way back to Zoz. It’s a long trip, and a perfect opportunity for Zik to give Amelia her first flying lesson. She looks like she was born flying!

WELCOME TO ZIK EPISODE 2! And look at that! Zik is in full color now! That’s right, from this chapter onward you’ll get to enjoy the adventures of your favorite space hero in color. The first episode was in greyscale because I’m still learning the craft of comic making, and I wanted to focus on other aspects first without having to learn color on top of it. It’s also cheaper to print, so that will allow me to get episode 1 into a book sooner!

Buckle up, let’s get this episode soaring into the stars!