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Flight Of The Valkyrie

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Amelia guns the engines of the Temerity! It’s high time to escape planet Hypnos!  As the meteorites rain down, Amelia flies low and flat, trying to escape the danger zone as quickly as possible before gaining altitude.

Zik arrives in the cockpit to help as the flight starts to get rougher, and nearly loses his footing. The Temerity screams through canyons as Amelia whips her around the deadly barrage!

Finally, they emerge from the zone of densest impacts and Amelia pulls the Temerity up and into the sky! Zik lets out a whoop and declares that Amelia’s piloting skills are already legendary! A relieved Amelia relaxes enough to smile at the compliment as they sail into space.

Flight Fears

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Amelia ignites her jetpack thrusters in a bid to return to the Temerity quickly, but Trent hesitates and holds back. He’s always been nervous about flying, and he reveals that he hasn’t been doing as much practicing with his rocket boots as he should.

Unfazed, Amelia steadies Trent and helps him get airborne, encouraging him as they go. Trent focuses on keeping a steady heading, but he can’t help getting distracted by the fact that the two of them are holding hands. He’s always wanted to hold hands with Amelia and be close to her, but now that he finds himself in that very position, he can’t understand his feelings. Instead of being elated, he feels like something is off. Why is this proximity to someone he loves making him feel so odd?

Bastion and the Temerity

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Welcome back Defenders, to Episode 4: The Hypnos Hiatus! After a brief interlude to get the first two Defender Zik books printed, we’re back!

Our story opens with your favorite galactic hero trying out his new space suit outside Bastion Station.  The research station orbiting Zoz is administrated by Zik’s brother Todd, who is monitoring the flight. Zik reports that all its systems are nominal, and Todd replies that Chief Engineer Dakaasin will be happy that her new suit design is working well.

Zik enters the station’s hangar to let Dak know personally. She and her assistant Sten are getting the final tuning done on the Temerity, Zik’s new space cruiser! They’ve been working hard on it while Zik and everyone who went to Zernabia is in quarantine on the station, and the results are beyond Zik’s wildest dreams!

Flying Is Awesome

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Look out, universe! Amelia is behind the wheel of Zik’s ship and she’s having a blast! Flying is awesome!

In the distance, the Kodiak also makes its way back to Zoz. It’s a long trip, and a perfect opportunity for Zik to give Amelia her first flying lesson. She looks like she was born flying!

WELCOME TO ZIK EPISODE 2! And look at that! Zik is in full color now! That’s right, from this chapter onward you’ll get to enjoy the adventures of your favorite space hero in color. The first episode was in greyscale because I’m still learning the craft of comic making, and I wanted to focus on other aspects first without having to learn color on top of it. It’s also cheaper to print, so that will allow me to get episode 1 into a book sooner!

Buckle up, let’s get this episode soaring into the stars!

First Flight

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Here we are a thousand years in the future and these two have never flown before. Pretty amazing, but they’ve been living on this prison planet since they were born!