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A Frustrating Duel

Posted by Victor on .

Over on the Jairian battleship, Rachelle is in an argument with her remaining breacher pilot, who wants to abort the mission. I can’t say I blame him, seeing as he just watched two ships just like his get blown to bits with one shot each from the Kodiak’s howitzer! Rachelle urges him to press forward, saying that their greatest chance remains in taking the warship. She orders the fighters to screen the remaining breacher; fight for your lives!

Meanwhile, the pilot of the battleship is having a hard time. He’s trying to pick off the cannons on the Vigilant Gaddi, but the cargo ship keeps spinning, hiding the cannon from his line of fire! Who is that great pilot?

It’s Ryan! The tactic is something Captain Ramesh has come up with. For some reason, Naser has been unable to hit the battleship, so Ramesh has improvised, hoping to pin the battleship down with a game of cat-and-mouse.

Ramesh runs a diagnostic on the targeting systems. There’s nothing visibly wrong with it! So why can’t Naser hit his targets?

Another Red Alert

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Zik is in the secondary hanger with some of the engineering staff of the Kodiak, working the kinks out of his newly repaired ship. The team solves the plasma imbalance problem Zik detected during his training flight with Amelia.

As they wrap up the repairs, the red alert alarm sounds for the third time in the past couple of days. As Leslie gripes, Zik decides to head up to the bridge.

Up on the bridge, Captain James Anchor gets a status report from Tactical Officer Emma. The ship is closing in on the convoy they were protecting when they left to rescue Zik, but Emma has seen another fleet on the scanners. It’s a Jairian raiding party!

A furious James Anchor can’t understand how the Jairians could have already found out that the convoy was unprotected.