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Jumping At Shadows

Posted by Victor on .

Further into the gorge, the away team encounters an area where the crystals have grown very tall, taller than Zik! Amelia asks if they can take some of the crystals with them, because they’re so beautiful, and it would be a shame to leave them on Hypnos where no one will ever see them again. Zik replies that while they can take a sample with them to study, it isn’t their way to take more than they need.

Just as Mizhakwan is about to elaborate on the importance of respecting a natural system’s integrity, Trent shouts out that he sees something moving up on the cliff above them!

They all pause silently to see what was moving, but all is still again.

A baffled Trent is certain he saw something move. Zik believes him, and asks everyone to keep an eye out, just in case!