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Decoy Relay Ploy

Posted by Victor on .

Now that it’s clear that the crystals are reacting to the signals the crew are emitting, Defender Zik has gotten everyone to switch to a compressed burst transmission setting, so that they are only broadcasting a small amount of data instead of a full audio stream. Next, they step away from the edge of the crevasse that Mizhakwan fell into, because the last thing they need is another fall! Then Zik explains that he’ll lure the crystals on one side of the cave while Amelia and Trent Quickdraw quietly make an escape from the other side.

When Amelia asks what he’ll do, Zik explains that he intends to help Mizhakwan out of the pit. While he’s doing that, he asks the other two to lure the crystals from outside the cave in order to facilitate Zik and Mizhakwan’s exit. A nervous Amelia follows Trent as he picks his way through the lengthening crystals.  As they proceed, Zik switches off his burst transmission and begins luring the crystals towards him.

The plan works! Trent and Amelia make it out of the cave, but the crystals have grown so thick behind them that they can’t see Zik anymore! Worse, they’re absorbing nearly all of Zik’s broadcast signal, and they can no longer make out what he’s saying!