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Broken Leg

Posted by Victor on .

Zik looks through the window into the room with the fire.  His trusty colony computer Zoot informs him that there’s still someone in there, stuck under a bulkhead! Your favorite space hero adjusts his visor to display a light wavelength that can help him see through the smoke, and he enters the room.

Inside, he stares out into open space through a big hole in the hull! Uh oh!  He grabs Travis and gets him out of the room.

As he exits, Leslie and Saeki come charging onto the scene. Zik allays their fears for their fellow engineer Travis, and informs them of the hull breach. Saeki dashes into the room to fix the hole while Leslie helps Zik set the fracture in Travis’ leg.

Once the splint is in place, Zik helps Travis to the infirmary while Leslie stays behind to help repair the damage to the Kodiak.

Another Red Alert

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Zik is in the secondary hanger with some of the engineering staff of the Kodiak, working the kinks out of his newly repaired ship. The team solves the plasma imbalance problem Zik detected during his training flight with Amelia.

As they wrap up the repairs, the red alert alarm sounds for the third time in the past couple of days. As Leslie gripes, Zik decides to head up to the bridge.

Up on the bridge, Captain James Anchor gets a status report from Tactical Officer Emma. The ship is closing in on the convoy they were protecting when they left to rescue Zik, but Emma has seen another fleet on the scanners. It’s a Jairian raiding party!

A furious James Anchor can’t understand how the Jairians could have already found out that the convoy was unprotected.

A New Dress

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Our refugees board the shuttle and James Anchor gives the order to take off. The first stop: Zik’s ship! As the shuttle rises into the sky, Vera peers out of the window and bids her dear friends an emotional farewell. Soon, the shuttle and its Chadee escort arrive at the cave where Zik’s ship is hidden. Zik and Seamus, the Kodiak’s chief engineer, get out to go and inspect the ship. A curious Amelia tags along. Seamus pronounces the patch job to be good enough for now while Zik changes clothes.  Our hero steps out in his new (old) outfit, and Amelia praises his fashion choices!