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Morren Unmasked

Posted by Victor on .

In the galley of the Kodiak, Amelia regains consciousness after hitting her head. But the Jairian in the hall junction outside heard her!

The Jairian investigates – and likes what he sees! He removes his mask, revealing himself to be Morren Mallor! This is the same Jairian that led the attack on Baker Mine!

Morren explains that him and his comrades do whatever they want, and he wants Amelia! He starts to tear at Amelia’s clothing, and she cries out…

…a cry heard by a nearby Zik!


Posted by Victor on .

Welcome to space!

It’s a cold, unforgiving, infinitely hostile environment. Our hero Zik, however, feels right at home there, plying the endless dark in search of new adventure. What will he find this time? Stay tuned!

Yes, I had to overhaul the website.. there were some much needed upgrades to do and it is far easier to start from scratch than to try to work with what was there. My goal is to improve your experience!