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Plan Of Attack

Posted by Victor on .

The newly headless Mikibot is helped back into the safety of the rill the team has taken shelter in.  Defender Zik congratulates the deadly accuracy of Trent’s sharpshooting as he regroups with his team. It’s time to form a proper plan of attack!

The plan Zik comes up with takes advantage of the new blind spot left by the absence of the sniper Trent eliminated.  Tanaka and Sten are sent back out of the crater, to circle around behind one of the other two shooters.  Zik and Dakaasin will fly as fast as they can to the base of the peak while Trent covers them with suppressing fire. Once at the top, Zik will distract the Jairians while Dak frees the hostages.

An embarrassed Mikigaazo apologizes for jumping in before everyone is ready. After millennia on his own, this crystalline alien isn’t used to working as part of a team! Defender Zik assures him that his action was brave, but hasty. They need to coordinate to fight this enemy! Miki promises to help Mizhakwan to stabilize Gordon’s condition.

Zik, Dak and Trent ready themselves for the dash to the peak! Three.. Two… One…


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Queen Elcyra’s ship is damaged! As the air rushes out of the new hole Zik punched into her hull, more torpedoes keep launching. One torpedo approaches, but is badly aimed and thus escapes the barrage of point defense fire coming from the Kodiak. Or was it really aimed just right?

As the torpedo passes close to the Kodiak, it bursts open, revealing a clonoid drone! The clonoid, carrying a mysterious cylinder in his hand, drifts down through space to the hull of the Kodiak. It releases the cylinder, which bursts open and encases the clonoid in a film which glues it to the hull! The now dead clonoid has become a tracking device!