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Johan’s First Mistake

Posted by Victor on .

There’s been a mighty explosion just outside the Sendlinger Hill Pub! The whole front wall has been blown in, and poor Tanaka has been knocked nearly senseless to the ground!

As the building groans, from outside in the smoke, a figure appears. Is it someone come to help look for survivors? Yes, but not to render aid!  The stranger grabs Tanaka gruffly and shoves a pistol against his head.  He wants Tanaka to know the horror of what has happened before he pulls the trigger.

The Jairians have taken a gruesome revenge on the Kodiak Chadee clan! While they all waited in the shuttle outside for Tanaka to talk to the pub owner, the Jairians snuck up, planted explosives, and blew them all sky high!  The brutal massacre was in revenge for the huge toll the Jairians suffered during the recent battle with the Kodiak.

Outside, someone calls to the stranger to warn him of the unstable building, foolishly shouting his name. Johan flees, laughing at Tanaka’s imminent demise. Just before the building collapses on him, Tanaka repeats Johan’s name, committing it to memory forever…

And there you have it! The end of Episode 3! Will Tanaka survive? What will happen next?  Find out soon, when we begin Episode 4: THE HYPNOS HIATUS!

Cancelled Celebrations

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It’s been almost a week since the massive space battle between the Kodiak and the Jairian fleet. All the humans aboard the Kodiak are in quarantine, to make sure the thousand-year immunity gap between the Zernabians and the general population on Zoz doesn’t start a plague. The Kodiak itself is undergoing an evaluation by the insurance company, and it doesn’t look good. However, James Anchor and Zik are already presenting plans for a planetary defense force for their home world to investors.

The Zozians themselves are astounded that they have managed to make first contact with other humans after so long, but there’s a great sense of foreboding at how badly it went. Some have criticized Defender Zik for his handling of the situation, prompting him to release all his video recordings of the events of the past few weeks. Vera has done her best to relay what she knows of galactic history to the people of Zoz, but since she was imprisoned as a little girl, she doesn’t know a whole lot.

While the humans deal with all this, Tanaka and his Chadee clan are on some much-deserved shore leave. There is no danger of them carrying any of the Zernabian diseases, so they have been released from quarantine and are looking for some fun. But before they can start, they have to find a place large enough to house a rowdy clan of Chadee, something not every pub is able to handle. Fortunately, after some searching, they have found the Sendlinger Hill Pub in Port Rothbard, a German Oktoberfest themed bar. The bartender assures Tanaka they can handle his clan, and he opens the door to invite them in when…