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Flushing Out The Mole

Posted by Victor on .

Over on the Vigilant Gaddi, Ramesh has solved the mystery of why Naser keeps missing his shots: he’s a Jairian mole!  He’s been missing on purpose to protect his comrades! That dastardly spy even sent a message to the Jairians the minute the Kodiak departed to help Zik!

Ramesh engages a secret security device that Zik Enterprises had built into the ship especially for such emergencies.  Naser finds himself locked out of his control panel, and his suit is magnetized to the back of his seat! He pulls a knife, but that too is pulled to the chair, where it remains stuck.

Now it’s time to show these Jairians what the Gaddi can do, even with only one cannon left!

Ready Or Not

Posted by Victor on .

A large raiding fleet of Jairians is approaching the cargo convoy!  The Kodiak is finally in communications range, and James Anchor broadcasts an ultimatum: leave the convoy alone or face the consequences!

Rachelle, the Jairian fleet coordinator recognizes James’ last name. She tries to scare him off with an ultimatum of her own.

But James Anchor is a stalwart guardian! He gives the Jairians a final warning and then issues orders to prepare for battle!

The Jairians approach the convoy… will the Kodiak make it in time to save them?

Defensive Measures

Posted by Victor on .

The target of the Jairian raiding fleet is the cargo convoy presently guarded by Commander Ramesh of the Vigilant Gaddi.  Ramesh has seen the enemy approaching and hasn’t been able to establish contact with them.

It’s pretty obvious that the intentions of the Jairians are hostile, so Ramesh calls for an all-stop, and for the fleet of cargo vessels to establish a defensive formation.

Now it’s time to warm up the guns, get some target practice in, and hope they can hold out until the cavalry arrives…