Hang Time

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Another gallant rescue from our intrepid hero! Is there nothing he can’t do?  It seems like the ice is broken a bit between these two; tune in next time to see if they can patch things up!

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  • Redundant Jovian Thor

    haha they don’t wear much under those robes, do they?

    • Well, Zik has his space tights and armor, and Trent, well, I’m no perv so I didn’t peek 🙂

      • Redundant Jovian Thor

        well yes, “they” referring to trent and his people 😛 no one’s looking, just that he is obviously a lot less pantsed than Zik

  • Nice catch, Zik!

    • He has cat-like reflexes! (Note to self: check a cats reflexes to see if this is a valid saying)