Not Very Friendly

Not Very Friendly

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Looks like the new aliens aren’t very hospitable!  How are you enjoying the story so far? Comment below!

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  • Pretty cool. Vic. I always love a good space adventure.  Nice clean art, too.

    •  Thanks! I read your archive, by the way! That poor little girl! I hope the dude isn’t some creepy bad guy!

      •  That was kind of you, thanks!  If you manage to stick around, you’ll find out what kind of guy he is… ;`)  Things will be changing in a big way for Aedre soon(tm) But more in the fantasy line, than Sci-fi.

  • Osmodeus

    i like me some sci fi, looking forward to where this is going.
    also good to see that the in future of mankind we still have pc’s that make us wait.

    ps. TEK is the funniest button sound ever

    •  Hahaha yeah ain’t technology grand?  I was half tempted to put in 14400 baud modem connection sounds.

      I can’t take credit for TEK! That’s from my 90s Batman comics.  I thought it was cool because it’s like saying TECH!  Like your onomatopoeia is invoking a technology spell.

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