Trent’s Problem

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Time to clear the air! And it looks like Zik has heard all this before… Well, I have to thank you for checking out this page.  Obviously I’m not updating on my regular days anymore, but Zik is NOT on hiatus!.  My wife’s MS has been a real pain in the butt (or brain) lately and more and she’s been needing more and more help and TLC.  So I’ve decided that Zik is going to update randomly from now on so I can accommodate her.  Basically, when a page is done, I’ll post it.  Keep an eye on my Twitter feed if you want to be notified of updates.  Thanks for sticking with me!

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  • Adam Black

    Sounds like a personal problem, Trent! Better go see the Chaplain.

    • Or maybe he needs to go to Sexy School.. to learn the Ways of the Mojo.

  • jhavinar

    Someone is getting a little bent out of shape!

    •  Next update we get to see just how far bent out of shape he is!