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Interstellar travel takes a little while, even in the distant future.  Fortunately, there is a wide variety of music to listen to, from Old Earth and Zoz alike!  Zik apparently likes Deep Purple (among other bands). Humour will be a part of this comic, but not on every page.  Originally, I’d planned it as gag-a-day, but the more involved my scripts and ideas became, the more impractical that seemed.  I really like humour, though, so there will be jokes sprinkled into the story.

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  • Adam Black

    This is the kind of job I’d like to have.

    •  Yeah, that would be fun.  Cruising around the galaxy, listening to tunes, rescuing space babes… Zik is really good at it, too! He’s rich like Batman! Except we won’t find out about that until much later. Shh! It’s a secret!