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Assessing The Damage

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The ship is still smouldering! What does Zik mean by fifty bucks? That refers to this page, if you were wondering. Hey, have you been reading Raven’s Dojo and Silk & Honey? Both comics are up to some seriously cool stuff right now, so you should totally check them out! Raven’s got sharks exploding all over the place and Adam’s got an Old West sniper thing going on in Silk & Honey. It’s all killer artwork, and killer action! Also, I would like to give a plug for Unreasonable Action. This is an Ottawa-based sci-fi and comic podcast by my friend Aaron and his friend Brad (whom I haven’t yet met). It’s enjoyable to listen to, and while some of what they talk about is specific to Ottawa, their larger discussions on topics like how war is depicted in different stories/series are fascinating.  So if you have some time for a new podcast, there are about 30 episodes there for you to delve into!

A New Race

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Imagine being the first person to encounter an alien race! What would your first thought be? Well, Zik’s first thought is to settle a bet between him and his best buddy James Anchor. The character “James Anchor” was invented by my son, and the name of Zik’s computer, “Zoot” was my daughter’s invention. I’m not trying to steal Ethan Nicolle’s gig with Axe Cop, but occasionally my two children have had an influence on some of the names and events in this story.  Children are wonderfully imaginative, and once in a while they come up with some genius ideas. I’ve gotten their permission to use some of their ideas in the comic, for which I am grateful.