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Zik has used the prisoner cloak for the last time to get close enough to the guards to talk to them! Now that the need for disguises is over, he can gallantly (of course) cast it aside and ask for a negotiation! What will be the response? Stay tuned for page 100! Things are about to heat up!


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Sorry, Amelia, you cant try to talk your way out of this one! And Queen Elcyra isn’t known as a very charitable, forgiving person. Will these people ever see Amelia again? Maybe not! Stay tuned to find out! Well, in the time since the last update, a lot has happened here! I added the first page of Project: Zoz to the members area! Check out this thumbnail! 1 zoz thumb That’s right! It’s in COLOUR! Pretty cool eh? BUT WAIT! THAT’S NOT ALL! I also added a Zik Wiki! So, a Ziki. Or Wikizikia. Or something. Anyway, there’s a wiki database of cool information about the Zik universe for site members. Here’s an extra blurb for Zik members: [level-subsc]
So the next thing I’ll be working on is Project: Zoz page 2. I was thinking that maybe I should do the poster next, but I think page 2 is a better use for my efforts. I’ve really been putting a lot of thought into the panel layouts etc, and I can’t wait to dive in and tell you this tale!
[/level-subsc] So make sure you register so you can get in on all this great stuff. If you tried to register and had problems, let me know! I just upgraded the membership plugin again so the problems should be gone. I think it had something to do with the coupon code from the last update. By the way, I made sure there are a few coupon codes still available! See the previous page to find out the secret code! Okay! That’s it for now! Make sure you check out my comic pals in the Links menu… there’s awesome stuff happening in all those comics right now! See you next update!
Look out, Amelia!

Interrupted Dreams

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Look out, Amelia!

We’re back at the camp, and it looks like Amelia is in trouble! What’s going to happen to her?? Stay tuned! Meanwhile, I’d like to apologize for the delay in updating. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working really hard on the website so I can introduce something I’ve been planning on doing since I first launched Zik. There is now a Members Only section of the site in which I am launching a whole new prequel comic called Project: ZOZ! Also in the members only area you can get access to a behind-the-scenes progress blog, free art, making-of videos and you can interact with me and other members in the chatroom and the Q&A Forum. Becoming a member will also ensure that you never see ads on the site while logged in! All of this for just $2 per month, or $20 per year! I will be adding all kinds of interesting features for members, so make sure you’re not missing out! In fact, here is an extra tidbit to this blog for members! [level-subsc]
Hey guys! Man, it’s been a rough ride getting everything set up in the last couple of weeks. There wasn’t much in the way of progress reports in the blog for this page, mainly because I was drawing it in between trying to set up the members only area. To be honest, no one could register while this page was in progress, so there didn’t seem to be much point posting stuff yet. That will change now, however. From this point on, assuming everything is running smoothly, I’ll be posting to the progress blog as much as possible. Thanks for checking this out!
[/level-subsc] The next thing I’ll be working on is Project: ZOZ page 1, so if you don’t want to miss out, get your subscription!
BONUS! The first five people to use the coupon code LOOKOUTAMELIA get access to the members-only area for free!

Get Down

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Trent is certainly not amused. But what’s that in the sky? Why is he so frightened all of a sudden?  Tune in next week and find out!

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