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A legend is born! It turns out Trent is pretty handy with a pistol! Like a gunslinger right out of the old American West! The Clonoid soldier barely has time to glance over before Trent has shot him straight through the heart. Zik is astounded and gives him the name “Quickdraw” on the spot! Greg irrationally blames Zik for the devastating failure of the attack and runs into the factory!


Many Zozians have several names. In keeping with the North American First Nations traditions that are so prevalent on Zoz, it starts with the name you were given by your parents when you were born. Later, if you accomplish a memorable deed, you are very likely to receive another name or a title to go along with your original name. Zik became Defender Zik (as we will see in Episode 2), and now Trent has become Trent Quickdraw!

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