Tanaka by Adam Black!

Created by Victor on .

Welcome back to Guest Art Week on Zik! Today’s stunning action portrait of Tanaka was sent to us by the amazing, incredible, phenominal Adam Black of Locus Comics! Adam has been featured in the comic before! In real life, Adam is one of my art teachers and best friends. He’s always there for me and to be frank, Zik wouldn’t be what it is today without his guidance. He’s a huge Tanaka fan and I really love this take on him! We’ll see Tanaka doing pretty much exactly this in the near future!

Do yourself a favor and check out Adam’s comics! If you can handle something that’s violent, bloody, has boobs, bad language and a phenominal story, start with Locus: Lilitu and dive into the astounding universe that Adam has created!


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  • Adam


    Tanaka is my spirit animal.


    • Victor


      Then as a special present to you, he will have the Locus rune in his cockpit.


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