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Tanaka jumps out of his snub fighter and gives a huge high five to Zik.


Now we see what a Chadee is! They are a race of genetically engineered chimpanzees, who were given the ability to speak and understand at a human level by one of the geneticists that helped rebuild Earth’s ecosystem on Zoz. The development of the Chadee was very controversial when it became public, and the scientist responsible was widely condemned. Ultimately, the Chadee were accepted into Zozian society, although not everyone is comfortable with it, often calling them chimps or monkeys in an insulting way.

Meanwhile, as Zik begins to explain the story to Amelia (who has never seen an Earth animal), James Anchor interrupts to remind Zik that they aren’t safe where they are and need to evacuate as quickly as possible.

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  • Adam


    I officially declare myself Fan #1 and founder of the Tanaka Fanclub.

    When’s the solo comic coming out?


    • Victor


      Tanaka Fan Club started! I’ll have to make a badge or something for that haha. I hadn’t thought to make a solo comic for Tanaka, but I’ll put it on the list of things that will be available for site members!


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