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Escaping Jaws

Posted by Victor on .

Always the man of action, your favorite space hero Zik charges at the shark! His hope is to get close to it before it expects him and inflate the balloon in its mouth. His ploy works, and the mighty shark chomps the inflating rescue balloon with such force that it bursts. A mass of bubbles to sprays out, confusing and disorienting the great white. Zik seizes the opportunity to escape, grabbing Haven and inflating her rescue balloon!


Posted by Victor on .

Zik gets into an argument with the Jairian who’s demanding they surrender the mine. The man won’t back down! He refuses to leave and start his own mine elsewhere, he’s here for the resources available at this mine!

Frank interrupts the discussion and asks the Jairians to leave, or he will have to declare them trespassers.

The unhinged Jairian has had enough! He shoots Frank dead! A shocked Zik watches as his friend collapses in front of him!


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The Clonoid soldier declares that Zik is under arrest, but before anyone can do anything, the prisoners launch a surprise attack! One sucker punch and one big rock to the snout! Unfortunately, Clonoid soldiers always meet aggression with deadly force, and now the second one moves to attack. Worse, since all the Clonoids are networked, the entire factory, indeed all Clonoids everywhere instantly know what’s happening here! Disaster!

Trent’s Explosion

Posted by Victor on .

Zik wasn’t too sensitive with his words there! Could it be that he wouldn’t mind stealing Amelia’s attentions? Either way, Trent’s jealousy gets the better of him and he socks Zik in the jaw! That’s no way to treat a guy who can break you out of jail!

A New Arrival

Posted by Victor on .

Oh great, another one! These Clonoids are everywhere! The fact is, they’re networked to a central AI (hence the antennas), so the entire race instantly knows about Zik and his whereabouts!

I’d like to wish a very happy 8th birthday to my daughter Lenore, who is the brilliant young mind responsible for naming Zik’s computer, Zoot. I’m a big fan of both my kids, and I’m pretty lucky that I get to be their dad. Thanks for 8 years of fun, Lenore, and here’s to many more to come! Zonga zonga!