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Zik gets into an argument with the Jairian who’s demanding they surrender the mine. The man won’t back down! He refuses to leave and start his own mine elsewhere, he’s here for the resources available at this mine!

Frank interrupts the discussion and asks the Jairians to leave, or he will have to declare them trespassers.

The unhinged Jairian has had enough! He shoots Frank dead! A shocked Zik watches as his friend collapses in front of him!

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  • Adam



    (I got dibs on his sweet Hawaiian shirt)


    • Victor


      It’s yours! You might have a bit of blood to wash out of it though…

      …like, a *lot* of blood, to be honest…


  • YourFriendlyNeighborhoodAnarchist


    Lmao those Authcoms though.


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