Cast of Characters


Zik is an intrepid space explorer, seeking new adventures in the unknown!

Comics: 113
Recent Appearance: Bear Hug
First Appearance: Space


Trent, AKA Quickdraw, is the strong, silent type. He's a crack shot with any firearm!

Comics: 58
Recent Appearance: Devastation
First Appearance: Amelia Rocks


Amelia is snarky, but good natured. Watch out, she's great at hand-to-hand combat!

Comics: 44
Recent Appearance: Interruption
First Appearance: Amelia Rocks


Vera is Amelia's wise, adoptive aunt. She has lung cancer.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Ask Nicely
First Appearance: Vera


Zoot is a Colony Computer - a semi-sentient life form that vastly outperforms traditional computers.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Confronting The Demon
First Appearance: A New Race

Queen Elcyra

Queen Elcyra forcefully took over Zernabia using an army of Clonoids. Evil!

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Fatal Decree
First Appearance: Debris Field

James Anchor

James, a mercenary, is one of Zik's oldest friends.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Plotting A Course
First Appearance: James Anchor

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