Unreasonable Demand

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A whole bunch of Jairians armed to the teeth have emerged from the cargo hauler! Zik notices that the thugs are partly made up of trained mercenaries, and there’s a teenager among them! One of the Jairians, presumably the leader of this gang, demands to know who is in charge.

Frank informs them of his role as head of security and general operations, and guardedly welcomes them to Baker Mine.

The lead Jairian demands the surrender of the mining facility, proclaiming it and the employees free of what he calls the corporate slavery of the mining company, Delta Mining Systems.

Zik and Tanaka blurt out their incredulity at this statement. As Zik explains to Amelia, he’s never been scared of anything, and sometimes it leads him into trouble!

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  • Adam


    Did you know that chimps are strong enough to tear someone’s face off with their bare hands?



    • Victor


      That’s true! They can also be very aggressive! In fact, the Chadee have a warrior culture similar to feudal Japan…


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