Escape Plan

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Meanwhile, Amelia has been busy! With all the commotion going on downstairs with the riot, maybe now is a good time to escape. She rips a shelf right off the wall and uses it to start breaking the door handle! She’s interrupted by some Clonoids at the door, but the ever-adaptable Amelia hatches a new plan – one that hinges on the antenna in the Clonoid’s head!

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  • eekee


    I was wondering if when & how those antennae would turn out to be a weakness. 🙂

    BTW, small website issue: if I use the tab key to navigate the comment form, it skips the actual comment entry field. From ‘Website’, it skips to something I can’t see (or type in), then seems to go to the captcha.


    • Victor


      It sure does make a convenient handhold!

      And yeah, I’m sorry about the tab thing, it drives me nuts that I can’t figure out how to fix that. I just stay logged into the site so I don’t see any of it haha! Feel free to make an account, it can be done without adding on a paid membership at


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